Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hairpin lace tutorial


·         Approx = Approximately

·         Rep = Repeat     

·         Tog = Together 

·         Yoh = Yarn over hook

·         Sc =single crochet

·         Ch = chain



1.       Wrap yarn around the back of staple, placing yarn end on left side of the staple and working yarn on right side.

2.       Bring working yarn to front of staple, crossing over to left side of staple.

3.       Bring yarn end to front of staple, crossing over to right side of staple. This should form an “X”.

4.       Wrap yarn end around bottom of “X” to the back, around all yarns and then bring back to the front of staple. 

5.       Tie a knot around “X” using the yarn end and working yarn. Make sure knot is centered. Drop yarn end. 

6.       Holding working yarn, cross over to right side of staple, wrapping to the back. 

7.       Insert hook into left loop from the bottom, yoh and draw up a loop. 

8.       Yoh and draw through all loops on hook. 

9.       Keeping working loop on hook, ip hook to back of staple (through the loom and over the top of work). 

10.   Hold working yarn in left hand and rotate staple, bringing right side to left side. Working yarn will now be wrapped around right side of loom, ready for the next stitch.

11.   Insert hook in upper left loop. Yoh and draw up a loop.

12.   Yoh and draw through all loops on hook. 

13.   Rep Steps 9-12 required number of times. Mark every 30 loops for easier counting. 

14.   To finish Strip, break yarn, leaving a long tail and thread through remaining loop on hook. 

15.   Remove Strip from staple and roll Strip from the top to the bottom, until ready to use.

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