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Symbols in embroidery

­čö« magical symbols in embroidery

Embroidery always in something magical. In this age of civilization with prejudice is done. But!...
Sometimes something in us. Intuition? Maybe it's genetic memory? Doesn't matter. Just curious, what's the point of what symbol put embroiderer previous centuries. And There's nothing stopping us from give woman vyshitogo angel, if she wants to have a child. Or donate a painting with excellent pionom if a friend wants to get married.
Here's a list of different characters, in the past centuries embroiderer who put a special meaning. Maybe we should have one in mind? In the end it's age-old magic! Why not watch if it works these days? No wonder that for centuries people have stitched talismans, amulets, etc.

And here comes the characters:

➰ Angel Tapestry. Those who want a child.
➰ Embroidered car help me gain is real.
➰ Stork - Longevity, happy and peaceful old age.
➰ Quince - fertility and a happy marriage.
➰ Butterfly - love and joy; two butterflies - matrimonial bliss.
➰ Bamboo - Health, longevity, flexibility.
➰ bull - reliability and power.
➰ Vase is calm; vase filled with anything pull is a symbol of wealth.
➰ Fan is a traditional symbol of protection. Not only is guarding the house, but that's the man himself on them.
➰ grapes - abundance, fun.
➰ Water - Health, well-being.
➰ Crow - marriage, loyalty.
➰ pigeon - meekness and purity; a pair of doves - love and fidelity.
➰ gora - support, protection and assistance.
➰ Gryphon is the keeper of happiness.
➰ Grenades with prosypavshimisya ripe corn - multiple offspring.
➰ Tree is longevity.
➰ Dragon is a symbol of good luck, especially in the creativity and monetary affairs.
➰ two dolphins - family happiness and well-being.
➰ Thrush - new opportunities, joy, happiness.
➰ houses or Windmills Tapestry. When seek my own place.
➰ Cash tree - gravity to wealth and money, but only in the event that it stitched right. The Tree must be an odd number of Coins (BETTER 9) and an odd number of flowers (3). Coins have to be with a square hole in the middle, but the flowers are like cherry blossoms. Embroidered Tree Hanging across from the front door to the money went in the house.
➰ Unicorn - to marry anyone.
➰ Crane - the niceness, calm, loyalty, long life. If portrayed under the pine tree is a symbol of longevity.
Three-legged toad ➰ with pennies in his mouth - improving the material conditions.
➰ Umbrella - Protection From Thieves (especially if hang embroidery at the front door).
➰ Stars - happiness and eternity.
➰ snake - movement and updating. Represents wisdom and expertise.
➰ goldfish - success in financial matters.
➰ Iris is life, not knowing old age.
➰ Karp is luck and spiritual achievement. Nine Karpov symbolize prosperity and well-being. Two carp is a symbol of perfect harmony relations between man and woman.
➰ Hummingbirds are a symbol of joy of life.
➰ Horse Victory, courage, power.
➰ Ring (Golden wedding on a red background) Tapestry. To speed up the wedding.
➰ rat - affluence, zazhitochnost╩╣, well-being.
➰ Basket filled with anything is a symbol of abundance, affluence.
➰ boat is arriving to the symbol of good luck in your business, security, hope.
➰ swallows are success and abundance.
➰ Swan - Elegance, beauty, purity, loyalty.
➰ Lion - Power And Valor. Defender of the home and public spaces.
➰ Bat is happiness. Five Bats - "Five Benefits": Longevity, wealth, health, virtue, life till the end, a predetermined fate.
➰ Lotus is perfect, spiritual grace, peace, summer, fertility.
➰ Horse is the protector of children. Symbolizes the speed, tenacity, gives strength and stamina, and children - rapid development.
➰ seven teddy bears recommend that those who ventured to give birth to her second child.
➰ Lighthouse is assumed wishes and resolve long-standing problems.
➰ Magnolia, orchid is love, sophistication.
➰ Bear is a symbol of strength and courage.
➰ monkey - originality of thinking khitroumiye, cleverness.
➰ Eagle - a powerful symbol of success. Power, courage, a sharp mind.
➰ Peacock is beauty and nobility. Loosest tail - honours and awards.
➰ Landscape is a symbol of good luck and opportunity.
➰ Rooster is a symbol of forgiveness, neusypnosti. A carrier of his manhood. Fire Protection.
➰ Peach is a symbol of health and longevity.
➰ parrot - character cheery disposition, companionship, a good memory.
➰ Birds is a symbol of joy, beauty, happiness.
➰ Bee is hard work, success in science, the arts, commerce.
➰ Sailboat is good luck.
➰ Peony - to get married and his wife's love (but only until the spouses do not guess kids, then the peony will to treason).
➰ any couples (birds, beasts, people) - to give them a second halves.
➰ Horseshoe is a symbol of good luck, abundance, happiness and prosperity.
➰ Fish are guaranteed success in financial matters, have a good development.
➰ Sakura is luck, love, beauty, youth and updating.
➰ Elephant is power, power, insight.
➰ Owl - erudition, reputation, wisdom; forbids unsustainable money.
➰ dog is a good defense.
➰ Sun is a sign of Providence, abundance, truth.
➰ Pine Tree is a symbol of longevity, fidelity and devotion.
➰ tiger - defender of evil spirits, symbolizes power and might.
➰ Duck-Tangerine helps find suitable light work with good pay.
➰ Phoenix symbolizes the warmth of the sun, summer and fire. Helps for childless couples. Phoenix paired with a dragon is depicted as a symbol of fruitful union, happy marriage, healthy children.
➰ Fairy Moon is goddess of happiness, love, joy. Blesses the house.
➰ Chrysanthemum is luck.
➰ Heron symbolizes loyalty and longevity.
➰ Turtle - Longevity, strength, endurance.

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